Phyllis Fried

Member since 2016. *Founding member

Tell us about yourself. Retired RN, have been active in the Scioto County community for over 50 years.

What brought you to Scioto County? What keeps you in Scioto County? My husband practiced oral surgery, we came to to Scioto County in 1968 because of the need for an oral surgeon. I stay here because of the community of friends, opportunities for community service, easy life style with plenty to do. And, of course, it is so beautiful. But mostly I stay because of the people.

What is your favorite Scioto County memory? There are so many! Because I have lived here almost 50 years. Most of the great memories revolve around raising our family, working in the medical community, playing with our friends. And THE RIVER! It has played a prominent part in our lives, still does.

Things you hope to see in Scioto County in 10 years?
An improving economy. That would result in a more positive attitude, feeling more worth as a community. A working population would have so much more pride!