craigmelgillillandCraig & Melanie Gilliland

Member since 2017.

Tell us about yourself.

I graduated from Valley, wife from West both went away initially to college but both ended up graduating from SSU. I went on to get my MBA from OU. Got a job at SOMC in 1992. Went to pick up an alumni award at SSU where my wife was graduating, started dating, she eventually got a job at SOMC as well in 1993. Both still at SOMC, have 3 kids Lexie (19), Cole (17) and Delanie (15). Very involved in sports at Clay and I am on Clay’s school board. Also very involved with our church – Portsmouth Seventh-day Adventist church.

What brought you to Scioto County? What keeps you in Scioto County?
Born here, family both blood and church keeps us here. Beautiful part of the world.

What is your favorite Scioto County memory?
My kids getting to have their grandparents and other extended family so involved in their lives, especially with my father-in-laws passing away last year.

Things you hope to see in Scioto County in 10 years?
More jobs which hopefully leads to more disposable income which will lead to more retail and restaurant options. I don’t want to be Columbus but wouldn’t mind a few more choices. Would also like to see perceptions of area improve.