Chris and Marilyn Lute

Member since 2017. 

Tell us about yourself. Chris is the owner of a local business, Lute Supply, and Marilyn taught elementary school in the Portsmouth City School system. Both have volunteered through the years in community organizations and love the Portsmouth area. We are thankful for the many ways the community has given back to us.

What brought you to Scioto County? What keeps you in Scioto County? We were both born in Scioto County, and have lived here all of our personal and professional lives. Our family business has kept us here, as well as our own family relationships and long-lasting friendships. We love our river, forest, and beautiful hills!

What is your favorite Scioto County memory? We have many of our own childhood memories, and memories of raising our sons in this community. Most recently, a good memory was the two of us hiking Raven Rock and overlooking the beautiful Scioto River Valley. We are so blessed to have the beautiful river and rolling hills – gographically so rich here!

Things you hope to see in Scioto County in 10 years? 
Would love to see more hiking trails, biking trails and parks. Would like for the Shawnee Boat Marina to be a thriving and busy marina. Would love to see more industry and job opportunities for young people, as well as having a productive downtown shopping area.