Thank You Donors!

Founding Members
Dick and Sallie Schisler
Phyllis Fried

Lifetime Members
Andy and Barb Glockner * lifetime member since 2017
Janice Johnson * lifetime member since 2018/member since 2017
Schmidt Family Restaurant Group * lifetime member since 2017
Justin & Elizabeth Schmidt * lifetime member since 2017
Scott & Missie Schmidt * lifetime member since 2017
Southern Ohio Medical Center * lifetime member since 2017
US Bank Foundation* lifetime member since 2018
William McKinley * lifetime member since 2018

2019 Members
Dick and Sallie Schisler * member since 2017

2018 Members
Jeff  & Julie Albrect
Rodney & Susan Barnett
Barb and Kevin Bradbury * member since 2017
Philip & Diana Brown
Jonica Burke * member since 2017
John and Sue Burke * member since 2017
Century 21 Empire Realty
Kim and Steve Cutlip * member since 2017
William E. Daehler, M.D.
Angie and Del Duduit
Dina Frualini
Craig and Heather DeAtley * member since 2017
Debra and George Esham * member since 2017
Sue and Steve Fitzer
Adam and Amy Heim
Charles and Sue Herrmann * member since 2017
Jodi and David High * member since 2017
Gerald Jenkins * member since 2017
Asa and Anne Jewett
Neal Hatcher * member since 2017
Tanner Hatcher * member since 2017
Vicki Hatcher * member since 2017
Johnson, Oliver and Howard, LPA * member since 2017
Robert Knox and John Evans Eye, MDs
James D. Kricker * member since 2017
Chris and Marilyn Lute * member since 2017
Dr. Michael and Mary Martin * member since 2017
Sharee and Stefan Price  member since 2017
Rhoni and Steve Rader * member since 2017
John & Rita Prose
Lee Powell
Daniel & Peggy Ruggiero * member since 2017
Jeff and Donna Smith * member since 2017
Patty and Steve Tennant * member since 2017
Shawnee Animal Clinic
Scioto County Commissioners * member since 2017
Steve and Luanne Valentine * member since 2017                                                                   John and Linda Walker
Wendi Waugh * member since 2017
Wayne and Saundra Wheeler  * member since 2017
West End Real Estate Company, LLC (Don Yuenger) * member since 2017

2017 Members
American Savings Bank
Big Sandy Super Store
Kay and Ernie Bouyack
Barb and Kevin Bradbury
Jonica Burke
Will and Barb Burke
John and Sue Burke
Martha Burton
Gina and Larry Collinsworth
Kim and Steve Cutlip
Craig and Heather DeAtley
Therese and Elliott Egbert
Debra and George Esham
Franklin T. and Cynthia Gerlach, Attorneys At Law
Mike and Kelsey Glockner
Craig and Melanie Gilliland
Robin Hagen-Smith
Neal Hatcher
Tanner Hatcher
Vicki Hatcher
Sue and C.B. Herrmann
Johnson, Oliver and  Howard, Lpa
Gerald Jenkins
Kevin W. Johnson
Janice Johnson
KDMC of Ohio
William and Betty Kirby
James D. Kricker
Chris and Marilyn Lute
Michael and Mary Martin
Caleb and Meaghan Miller
OSCO Industries, Inc.
Carolyn and George Pettit
Sharee and Stefan Price
Rhoni and Steve Rader
Glen Rase
Dan & Peggy Ruggerio
Scioto County Commissioners
Jeff and Dona Smith
Bill and Debbie Schwamberger
Patty and Steve Tennant
Luanne Valentine
Wendi Waugh
Westend Electric (Don Yuenger)
Wayne and Saundra Wheeler

Friends of Scioto 365
Mary Arnzen
Andy Cole and Toni Dengel

Patty Tennant, Donor Services – Program Officer, Scioto FoundationUS Bank Representative, David Fowler
KDMC Representative, Dr. Adams and Patty Tennant, Donor Services – Program Officer, Scioto Foundation
Patty Tennant, Donor Services – Program Officer, Scioto Foundation and Justin Schmidt, President of Schmidt Family Restaurant Group
Leigh Ann Smith, Community Relations Director, American Savings Bank and Patty Tennant, Donor Services – Program Officer, Scioto Foundation

DSC_1581_edited-1a Scioto County Commissioners Bryan Davis(left), Cathy Coleman(middle left), and Mike Crabtree(right) with Patty Tennant, Donor Services – Program Officer, Scioto Foundation