Grant Guidelines and Criteria

Scioto 365

Scioto 365 is a member-funded impact grant-making program which asks members to donate $365 a year, of which 50% goes into endowments for future awards, and 50% goes into grants to be awarded toward current community projects. Any and all citizens are welcome to apply for grants that will go toward projects to further the goals of the Scioto 365 initiative, and Scioto 365 members ultimately get to vote on which grants will make the biggest community impact.

Type of Grants Eligible for 2022

Theme: “Let’s Get Moving to Unite Our Community
For the sake of definition, children and youth are considered to be ages 21 and under.

The emphasis of Scioto 365 is on community economic development, and each year of the initiative will focus on a different theme of projects to support. The theme for 2022 is “Let’s Get Moving to Unite Our Community”  Grants will be accepted that focus upon grants that improve the area.  

Preference will be given to grants that:

    • show collaboration or partnerships between multiple organizations
    • have measurable results
    • Planting flowers, trees, or shrubs
    • Community clean-up days
    • Installing lights or other devices to create safe places
    • The commission of public art
    • Expanding or updating a park to be inclusive for all
    • Creating bike paths
    • Installing an adjacent “dog park” to a public park
    • Updating a play space to include a pickleball court
    • Installing benches or seating in public spaces that are over-crowded
    • Fixing public sidewalks in key community spaces that create more walkable communities
    • and seek long-term outcomes/impact

All submissions will be considered; however, projects that emphasize the theme “Let’s Get Moving to Unite Our Community” will be prioritized for awards.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be either a 501(c) (3) or a local government entity based in the Scioto County area.


Applicants must fill out the standard Scioto Foundation Grant Application. Proposals will include:

  • A narrative describing what the project is, how it will be accomplished, and how it will impact the community
  • A detailed schedule of events, including both a start and expected finish date for the project
  • A complete budget, detailing both revenues and expenses, including how much funding is needed and funding amounts from other sources (if applicable), and a demonstration of how funds will be spent during the completion of the project

Please email your Scioto 365 grant application to In order to ensure the application has been received please contact the SF office by calling (740)354-4612 that it has been received. 

 Award Amounts

The Foundation anticipates that it will receive $30,000 during its 2022 membership drive. According to the terms of Scioto 365, half of the monies raised or $15,000, will be used to establish a long-term endowment and the other half, $15,000, will be used for grants. This means that depending on the number of grant applications received and the demonstration of the need for the projects and potential benefits for the community, applicants could receive anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000 to put toward accomplishing their goal.

Deadline to receive Applications

Applications for grants will be accepted beginning on May 1st. All applicants must submit two completed proposals to the Scioto Foundation office by 5pm on September 30th in order to be considered for a grant. Final decisions on which grants to award will be made by Scioto 365 members by October 15th.

Notification of Award

The grants will be awarded no later than November 15th. Awardees will receive and complete a standard Scioto Foundation Grant Agreement. Projects must be completed within one year of the award.

Final Reports

Recipients will be expected to submit a final report evaluation form after project completion.

For Further Information

For more information, contact the Scioto Foundation at 740-354-4612, or by email at