What is Scioto 365

Scioto 365 is a new, dynamic community leadership initiative of the Scioto Foundation. At the heart of Scioto 365 is impact grant-making focused upon creating and sustaining vibrant, healthy and safe neighborhoods (community and economic development). With support from the staff of the Scioto Foundation, community leaders develop annual grant parameters, give donations, and determine which nonprofit grants to award! Scioto 365 gives donors a voice they might not typically have: the power to leverage funds to make a collective impact upon our community.  View timeline

Participation is easy.

Become a member through making an annual contribution of $365.00, basically a dollar a day to make your community a better place. With a one-time gift of $3,650, you can become a lifetime member. You may even decide to take on a leadership role. The Scioto Foundation will award 50% of the dollars raised each year. The other 50% will be placed into the Scioto 365 Endowment Fund for future awards!

Learn about our community. The Scioto Foundation will ask local non-profit organizations, schools or emerging community groups to chat with Scioto 365 members about current community needs and possible solutions.

Suggest themes or areas in which you believe community nonprofit grants are most needed to address local problems. Then, attend our annual meeting to learn which theme or area is selected to receive community grants.

Choose grants that you feel will make a difference in our community. The Scioto Foundation will send e-mails to all Scioto 365 members with pertinent grant application information.  You choose the grant or grants that make the biggest community impact.

Celebrate successes by attending our annual reception in November to learn which grants were chosen for award.

Join today!