Winners of the 2019 Scioto 365 grant

Congratulations to South Central Ohio Educational Service Center (SCOESC) for being voted this year’s Scioto 365 grant awardee. SCOESC project ” Together Everyone Achieves More Through Collaboration”, will be partially funded through the Scioto 365 program. This Summer Enrichment Scholarship Program is the only program SCOESC offers which is restricted to students who have been identified as gifted. This the most expensive SCOESC program and, according to the grant, one of their most important one as well.

Second place, Cirque d’Art Theatre, “Cirque NewWorks: How Could You Leave Us?” and third place, Simon Kenton Council, Boy Scouts America, “Vocational Focused Merit Badge Day” will also receive funding from the Scioto 365 grant program.

Pictured left to right, Pegi Wilkes with Cirque d’ Art, Sharee Price with South Central Ohio Educational Services Center, Susan Emerson with Boy Scouts of America, Simon Kenton Council and Alicia Bobst with Cirque d’ Art,

Winner of the 2018 Scioto 365 grant

Congratulations to Main Street Portsmouth(MSP) for winning our the 2018 Scioto 365. MSP “Operation 535 Second Street: Boneyfiddle Backyard” has been selected for $20,000 to develop 535 Second Street into a beautiful public space with a garden and seating, behind the preserved historic facade.

website_cover2eThe Scioto Foundation’s dynamic community leadership initiative, Scioto 365, is designed to encourage widespread participation in community and economic development for the improvement of the Scioto County area.

“At the heart of Scioto 365 is impact grant-making,” said SF Executive Director Kim Cutlip. “With support from the staff of the Scioto Foundation, community leaders will develop grant parameters, give donations and determine which nonprofit grants to award. Scioto 365 will give donors a voice they might not typically have, the power to leverage funds to make a collective impact upon our community.”

“To be involved in Scioto 365, donors will give $365 – a dollar a day each year – to make our community better,” Cutlip explained. “Monies are then pooled and at the end of the fundraising period, the Scioto Foundation will make 50% of all monies earned available for targeted grant awards. The remaining 50% will be placed into an endowment fund to grow for future awards.”

The new initiative will benefit donors since pooled dollars will leverage greater impact together than alone, according to Cutlip. Scioto 365 members can be as active as they like. Some members will offer only financial support, others will choose to take a leadership role and most will help to determine annual grant awards.

“Scioto 365 will be managed through a donor-driven Leadership Committee that will work in tandem with the Foundation’s staff. This committee will help the Scioto Foundation to select annual case points for targeted grant funding to create and/or sustain vibrant, healthy and safe neighborhoods,” said Cutlip. “In the first year the leadership team will be comprised of Scioto Foundation staff, board and committee members.

The 2018 theme is “Pride of Place”. Main Street Portsmouth(MSP) was awarded $20,000 to go towards Operation 535 Second Street: Boneyfiddle Backyard. MSP plans to develop 535 Second Street into a beautiful public space with a garden and seating, behind the preserved historic facade. Similarly to what many large and popular cities accomplishing their place-making goals, in which they develop unique crannies and corners in every direction, causing pride in people for their community’s ingenuity and resourcefulness in making their home unique, comfortable and enjoyable.

“Each year Scioto 365 will ‘formally launch’ during our annual meeting in the spring,” continued Cutlip. “At this event we envision sharing our grant RFP or request for proposals for the coming year. Scioto 365 donors will receive a mailed invitation to the annual meeting. Grant applications will be made available on May 1. In September, all Scioto 365 donors will receive a ballot via email to vote for their favored proposal. In addition, donors will be invited to attend the Scioto 365 Grant Award Reception to be held in November in conjunction with the annual Scioto Gives Reception in November.”

To become a Scioto 365 donor, annual contributions of $365 may be made by credit cards or checks made payable to the Scioto Foundation with Scioto 365 in the memo. Checks should be mailed to the Foundation address at P.O. Box 911, Portsmouth, Ohio 45662. Donors can also make arrangements to donate gifts through installments.

Type of Grants Eligible for 2019

The emphasis of Scioto 365 is on community economic development, and each year of the initiative will focus on a different theme of projects to support. The theme for 2019 is “Together Everyone Achieves More.”Grants will be accepted that focus upon children and youth developmentprojects. Preference will be given to grants that plan to impact as many children as possible and show collaboration or partnerships between multiple organizations.

For the sake of definition, children and youth are considered to be ages 21 and under.

Potential project area include:

  • Arts
  • Education
  • Civics
  • Environment
  • Recreation
  • Community projects that involve youth

All submissions will be considered; however projects that emphasize the theme “Together Everyone Achieves More” will be prioritized for awards.

Eligible Applicants

Applicants must be either a 501(c) (3) or a local government entity based in the Scioto County area.


Applicants must fill out the standard Scioto Foundation Grant Application. Proposals will include:

  • A narrative describing what the project is, how it will be accomplished, and how it will impact the community
  • A detailed schedule of events, including both a start and expected finish date for the project
  • A complete budget, detailing both revenues and expenses, including how much funding is needed and funding amounts from other sources (if applicable), and a demonstration of how funds will be spent during the completion of the project
  • View Grant Application

 Award Amounts

The Foundation anticipates that it will receive $40,000 during its 2019 membership drive. According to the terms of Scioto 365, half of the monies raised or $20,000, will be used to establish a long-term endowment and the other half, $20,000, will used for grants. This means that depending on the number of grant applications received and the demonstration of need for the projects and potential benefits for the community, applicants could receive anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 to put toward accomplishing their goal.

Deadline to receive Applications

Applications for grants will be accepted beginning on May 1st. All applicants must submit two completed proposals to the Scioto Foundation office by 5pm on September 15th in order to be considered for a grant. Final decisions on which grants to award will be made by Scioto 365 members by October 15th.

Notification of Award

The grants will be awarded no later than November 15th. Awardees will receive and complete a standard Scioto Foundation Grant Agreement. Project must be complete within one year of award.

Final Reports

Recipients will be expected to submit a final report evaluation form after project completion.

Additional information about how to participate and a timeline detailing Scioto 365 phases throughout the coming year may be obtained by contacting Cutlip or Patty Tennant, Donor Services Program Officer at (740) 354-4612.